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Based on the photograph and description you provided, our specialists will make a preliminary auction estimate. This service is free of charge

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In case you consider selling the item with us,  you will receive an offer and a draft of the contract. Our commission depends on the estimated value and will be charged only if the item is sold

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If you accept our offer, please sign the contract and send or deliver the item to our premises in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our experts will examine the work to confirm the estimate

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Your item will be presented on the world’s largest online auction platform, displayed to the public and promoted. Once the catalogue is published, you can track the bids online

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Several weeks after the sale you will receive your net return specification and a transfer to your bank account. Should the item remain unsold, you can simply collect it, free of charge

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Frequently asked questions - Selling

How are items valued?

Items are initially valued by specialists based on the image and short description you submitted. Auction estimate we provide is an indication of the price we expect for the item to fetch at an auction. It refers to the current market situation and recent auction results for similar work and does not take into account the amount the item has been purchased or valued for in the past. Valuation is free of charge and without obligation. If valuation is successful and you decide to sell the item with us, it has to be delivered to Amsterdam for expert examination. Finally, definite estimates and a starting bid are fixed in the consignment contract.

Where and when can I deliver my consignment?

Items can be delivered on working days from 10.00 to 17.00 CET at Adams, Herengracht 458 (ground floor), Amsterdam. To inform us about the time of your visit, please send us an email.

How much is the commission?

Our commission is between 10 – 25% of the hammer price depending on the estimated value of the whole consignment. The commission includes all the costs for professional expertise, photography, research and cataloguing, as well as promotion and exhibition. All further charges are for our account and risk, with the exception of insurance and storage costs (1%). If the item remains unsold, you do not pay anything.

Can I set a minimum price?

As the owner of the item, you have the full right to decide on the minimum price you want to sell it for. As the seller, we will then consider if it is sensible to offer the item for it. We can not accept a minimum price above our auction estimate.

How can I follow the sale?

You will receive a notification as soon as the auction is online. From this moment on you can find a link to the catalogue on our website, browse the lots and track all the bids placed. On the final day of the sale you can similarly follow the auction on the internet.

Can I cancel the sale after the auction?

No, the hammer price is binding for all parties.

Where can I see the sale results?

Our auction results can be found in Artprice and Invaluable online price databases. Prior to the bank transfer, a consignor receives a net return specification based on the auction and aftersale results.